Outdoor activity in all natural elements

Location: Everywhere
Duration: Negotiated

We offer just about every type of outdoor activity in all natural elements: earth, water and air!

Today, more and more people are looking for an active holiday. We are the right address for anybody wanting to turn their vacation into an unforgettable one.

Coming from the most pristine part of the Alps, we are skilled enthusiasts who take active families, adventurers, professional athletes, curious vacationers and anybody else to beautiful nature and iconic places to live their passions or learn the tricks of brand new exciting outdoor activities.

We provide all equipment and know-how in collaboration with our partners, offer individual itineraries and organize everything in one place. Besides excitement we guarantee complete safety: our experienced and licenced instructors make sure everything is carefree, taking care of everybody throughout the total duration of the adventure.

Meet and experience Top Adventure!

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"All in one place
24-support throughout trips
Best licenced instructors
Personalized trips
Adventures in unspoilt nature"


Who says water is only good for drinking and swimming?

It is – let’s say – unbelievably spectacular from the unique perspective of kayak!

We take our customers to beautiful virgin places that are inaccessible on foot and after finishing paddling, we prepare a picnic on a wild beach. Or, if they wish, we take them to unforgettable fishing locations. In Slovenia, Austria or Italy you can easily find a river, stream or lake to perfectly suit any fishing and fly-fishing skill and wish. We find the best places, teach our guests fishing tricks and arrange everything for them.

But that’s is not nearly all – we offer unforgettable adventure in water activities like canyoning, surfing, rafting, windsurfing, snorkeling, sailing, diving and SUPing. And in all of those we completely adapt to wishes in terms of time, trip duration and the price!



Solid ground offers plenty possibilities for adventure.

Starting with mountain biking, we offer guided trips for every taste and biking ability, taking care of the bikes, accommodation and everything. Or, if one prefers walking, we provide some of the best european trekking for all ability levels. We also make it possible to experience the dog power: our dogsledding tours give a sense of freedom in wintry Alpine valley landscapes.

Scooters and motorbikes trips are perfect for exploring the countryside, but if customers are ski-mad, we can arrange the most unbelieveable outdoor episode of their lives – heli skiing adventure. And for those who want to face their real fears, we arrange trips to deep nature to help find the survival instict.

But that’s not all – we also offer adventures in caving, ziplining, climbing and golf. Whatever the choice, we tailor the tours according to wishes and organise it all!



Air is the purest definition of freedom.

It is a spiritual area where the chains are the weakest – and it is in front of us to use it! We offer our customer plenty of choices to experience unspoilt an unforgettable places by practicing kiting, paragliding, tandem paragliding and parachuting.

In the first case, it doesn’t matter if they are total beginners or advanced kiters:  we organize everything worry-free, teach them the tricks of kitesurfing and make them enjoy.

For those who want to fly over mountains and fields only with the power of wind, we arrange solo adventures for experienced paragliders as well as tandem paragliding, starting with a lesson to prepare them for the flight. Or we arrange an unforgettable parachuting trip – with jumping from 8 different places in just one day.

We promise full dose of adrenaline and adapt to every wish!

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