Following the Trails of the 1st World War and the Walk of Peace ITALY - SLOVENIA

Location: Slovenia
Duration: 12 days

A historical culinary journey

The clash of jagged daggers hither
Shall have your waters bloody slither:
Sustained by blood of sons in throes,
And sullied with the blood of foes!
Remember then, my limpid River,
The pleas of your heart to deliver:
The waters that the clouds supply,
Which scud across your open sky,
The waters that the highland yields,
Those harboured in your blooming fields,
Rush forward then from down below,
Let soar and swell your fearful flow!

Simon Gregorčič, excerpt from his poem “To the Soča” (Miš založba 2016, Translation: Tadeja Spruk)
In this poem Simon Gregorčič, the Slovene poet, foresaw the First World War and the battle of the Soča/Isonzo River.

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More than one hundred years have passed since the First World War. Many have written about it, since it left an indelible mark on the whole world, and especially in Europe, where memories of it are still vivid. One hundred years ago the whole of Europe was in chaos. Bloody battles were being fought on many fronts. The most famous of those, 600 km in length, opened on the border between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy. Part of this historically important front was the Isonzo Front, running some 93 km along the western boundary of present-day Slovenia.

The Isonzo front stretched from the majestic Rombon mountain (2,208 m) all the way to the Gulf of Trieste, where the emerald-green Isonzo River flows into the Adriatic Sea. Courageous soldiers fought long and hard in this region until the time of the last battle, which is somewhat poetically referred to as the “Miracle of Caporetto”. In this battle the Austro-Hungarian soldiers, aided by the German army, succeeded in pushing back the frontline all the way to the Piave River.

But this is only a small part of the interesting stories you will hear on our journey. Join us on our hike through the history of the conflicts, listen to the voice of the beautiful Soča river which laments the fallen soldiers to this day, and travel with us along the trails of the First World War! Join us on the famous Walk of Peace!

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