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We are one of the world's best and most reliable companies specialising in corporate travel management. We are here for you every step of the way, taking care of your every specific need. We can make your corporate travel to the chosen destination easier by providing an all-in-one service. With our company, you will get the most for your money.

24/7 support

We are here to assist during the entire trip with our 24/7 customer support.

Saving time and money

With our long-standing experience and the systems we have at our disposal, we can guarantee the best price for your corporate travel requirements.

We do our best to accommodate every client

Building on our experience, we can attend to your every wish and advise on what would be best for your corporate trip, helping you find the best solution for your budget and requirements.

Decades of experience

Our team is comprised of the most experienced agents in the global market. With our long-standing experience, you will get the best value for money when it comes to your travel needs.


The best choice for a variety of needs

Corporate travel

As the many years of great user experience by successful managers from different companies show, a person should never organise a business trip on their own, unless they are an expert in the field. Get in touch with our experts, who can vouch for their work, to help you save time and money by finding the optimal solution for your trip. Choosing our company as a corporate travel manager of your choice, means we are here for you whenever and wherever you need us. Our experience and our 24/7 assistance throughout your business trip will put you at ease, as we will help you get through any mishaps that might arise on the go.



A smooth journey is everything to a top athlete. Athletes are taken care of by our dedicated department, allowing them to arrive at the desired location under the conditions and according to the requirements of either an individual athlete or entire sports team. Furthermore, we can deliver the complete sports equipment to the desired location, including bikes, surfboards, kayaks, kites, diving equipment, skis, snowboards, motorbikes etc.


Why we are the best choice?

Scheduled airline transport:

We can arrange a scheduled airline ticket in line with your needs and requirements.

Private flights:

We can arrange a private flight to suit your preferences and requirements.

Low-cost transport:

We can get airline tickets for you with the low-cost carriers.

Helicopter transport:

We can arrange a private helicopter transport according to your needs and requirements.



We can arrange hotel accommodation for you in any price range.


We can provide accommodation in an apartment of your choice.

Worker accomodation:

We can provide the accommodation for your employees, depending on your budget and the duration of work.

Real estates rentals:

We can take care of short and long term rentals with all types of real estate (OFFICES/CONFERENCE ROOMS/HOUSES/VILLAS).


Private transfers:

We can arrange private transports to suit your needs and requirements.

Group transfers:

We can also take care of group transfers.



We can provide an affordable car rental regardless of your location and vehicle type preference.


Train + Bus:

You can arrange all train and bus transfers through us.


Risk of cancellation:

We can take care of trip cancellation insurance for you and your employees.

Accident insurance:

We can arrange accident insurance for you and your employees.


Internal events:

We can organise your company event according to your needs and requirements of any corporate gathering or an in-house party.


Visas and other documents:

Our company can arrange or help you get the complete documentation necessary for crossing a border, such as visas and different certificates.


Team building events:

We offer organisation of team buildings at a selected destination at all levels of business.


Excellent responsiveness and cooperation. If you ever find yourself in need of advice with your travels, the REM AGENCY is the right company for all your requirements. Today, during the coronavirus pandemic, when rules and situations are changing daily, such service is worth its weight in gold.

Domen Habic, KMAG director

Yes, it is true that nowadays you can organise almost everything on-line, but as soon as you have a problem, you will be faced with a situation where you have neither a partner nor a suitable solution. Not to mention all the complications that the pandemic has brought on all over the world. This is why we leave the organisation of our trips to the REM AGENCY with great trust, as they have never let us down. Whether a weekend travel, a holiday or a trip to the other side of the planet, any problem can always get solved with their support. Airline tickets, hotels, transport – you name it, they can do it. I know exactly why I always call REM!

Miha Rabič, Business traveller

Our team is involved in races all over the globe; planning such trips is not an easy task as it often involves travels between different locations, transport of bikes and equipment, and even last minute changes. In the past, we used Expedia and other online services, but we have been relying exclusively on the REM AGENCY / REM – TRAVEL for a few years now. Although their service and assistance come at almost the same price, their work is so much more valuable that it would no longer even occur to us to go somewhere else. They help us choose the best flights and always make sure there are no luggage complications and virtually no surprises. This is extremely valuable on every trip.

Grega Stopar, Team Manager Unior Sinter team

Be it a Friday or Sunday, night or day, the REM AGENCY team live and breathe their work. Using them, we can solve anything related to work travel of our employees and installers in one place. They always try their best, finding the optimal solution regardless of our current location. I cannot imagine operating in the global market without them, and our installers feel really comfortable with their worldwide service.

Kristjan Hull, Project Manager at Nuermont Installations

For me personally, working with them has been a TOP experience! I usually call them, tell them what I need, and they get it done. They usually arrange an all-in-one service for me. As I travel extensively, unfortunate events are bound to happen sooner or later, including lost luggage incidents, flight cancellations, flight postponements, trip extensions etc. However, I am never alone because I can call them at any time and they are here to help. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!”

Jaka Remec, RedBull BMX Freestyle rider

Working with them was amazing! They were on it as if it was their own luggage being lost, and I really appreciated that. Good communication on what was going on and had a lot of knowledge on the situation I was in.

Bryce Tryon, X-Games silver medallist / Monster BMX Freestyle rider

I loved my experience travelling with the REM TRAVEL, as well as their guidance and support. Their hospitality, expertise and knowledge of sports travel business, their support with the travel and food arrangements, and their passion for making sure I was taken care of were very pleasant, helping me feel like I was at home and in good hands. I highly recommend their services.

Josh Perry, Former Pro BMX Athlete


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